Schichter is the shift calendar for all regularly repeating & no repeating shift systems. Now available in the AppStore.

Schichter – shift calendar was added as a bonus to the list of the Free shift work calendar apps.


All your shifts for the next few years at a glance

Planning a vacation

Plan your vacation directly in the shift calendar, you can even show holidays

Change shifts

Easily exchange single or multiple shifts


Note important events of your shift

iOS Calendar integration

Add your shifts to the iOS calendar and use all its advantages (eg: iCloud and Siri)

Apple Watch

Even with the Apple Watch you get a quick overview of your shifts

  • Simple setup with just a few steps.

  • Color representation of the shifts.

  • Share your vacation or print them out.

  • Widget for a quick overview of the next months.

  • Show events from other calendars of the iOS Calendar App.

  • Pay once, get everything. No in-app purchases or advertising.