PicMemories brings your most cherished memories straight to your homescreen! Immerse yourself in a personalized and interactive way to showcase your photos with 5 customizable widgets. Explore a realm of personalization by selecting from diverse categories such as period, year, week, day, and more.


Here you will find all the photos from your media library, sorted by different categories.


Categories such as “Today”, “This year”, “Favorites”, “Last month” and many more.

5 Widgets

Set each of the 5 widgets individually. Should the date or the location of the photo be displayed in the widget? The choice is yours.


Add the widgets to your home screen and always have your favorite reminders available at a glance.


Tap on the widget to open the photo in the app.


Edit the photo in the app. For example, you can mark it as a favorite or delete it.

Completely free of charge

The app is not only free but also ad-free. If you like the app or want to contribute to its continued growth and improvement, feel free to support me through voluntary tips via in-app purchases. These tips do not unlock any additional features and are entirely optional.

  • Easy setup with just a few steps.

  • All your photos sorted into categories.

  • Your memories on the homescreen.

  • Widgets for each category. For example, show only today’s photos on the homescreen.

  • Quickly sort out unwanted photos.

  • Quickly mark favorite photos as favorites.